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Walter Cronkite

Fred and Portland Allen

Leo Carrillo…AKA Poncho

The Old Mill Restaurant

Rockwells Mills

I feel really bad that I haven’t updated since last August. I haven’t been able to get on the blog. I could bring it up but not sign into our account. So, today I am on the laptop. Hurrah!! Access.

Now for the update.

What do Leo Carrillo, Fred Allen and wife and Walter Cronkite have in common?

Answer: They all came and ate at the Old Mill Restaurant. In fact Fred and Portland helped lay the corner stone when an addition was added to the building. How cool is that? You may ask how do you know that? They signed the guest book and photos of Fred and Portland were taken with the divider stones which appeared in local papers. Of course only us oldsters would remember those famous people, but we know the Old Mill in Rockwell’s Mills. And speaking of Rockwells Mills, the GHS received a grant to help put the hamlet of Rockwells Mills on the NYS historic register. It’s a tedious process. We have been researching deeds to provide information of who may have owned the homes before the Civil War up until the mill closed in the early 1900’s. Then a comparison to be done of the names of those folks who owned the property to who may have been mill employees. So, if and when you may be or live in the area stop at the Old Mill Restaurant. They will be open in April. As you enter, you are entering the portion that was part of the original mill. Then begin to reminisce of days gone by. If your not a history buff and even if you are you will still be delighted with the delicious meal and the excellant service, just as the old timers above were. To learn more of this history contact us about a book “The Mill and the Mansion” written by Tom Gray, Guilford Town Historian. GHS, Box 201, Guilford, NY 13780.

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