Guilford Historical Society Honors Veterans on December 13th

With praise for a successful Memorial Day this year, the Guilford Historical Society is still in “the mood”. Therefore, this small non-profit organization has under taken the project Operation Christmas Wreaths. It was decided to memorialize our Guilford deceased veterans by placing Christmas wreaths on the Town of Guilford major cemeteries, one per each this year. At least eleven are needed to place on the gates or fences of these cemeteries with two at each of the Memorials in Mt. Upton and Guilford.
GHS realizes the sacrifices of our veterans and their families and this is a small way to express our appreciation. However, we need help from our community and area communities and individuals with donations of wreaths or a donation to purchase a wreath. The wreaths or money may be donated in the name of an individual family member you may wish to remember.
The cemeteries scheduled at this time are Maplewood in Mt. Upton, Sunset Hill in Guilford, Godfrey Cemetery, North Guilford Pioneer Cemetery, Cooper Cemetery, Yaleville Cemetery, Ives Settlement Cemetery, East Guilford Cemetery, and Guilford Center Cemetery. There are 22 cemeteries in Guilford and with more wreath donations we can include some of the smaller family cemeteries.
GHS would also like to invite you to attend the wreath laying on December 13th at each or one of the locations. We welcome all veterans and veteran organizations and families to attend. Anyone wishing to place their own personal wreath on a loved ones grave is also invited to do so at this time. For more information and to donate please call (607) 895-6131 or (607) 895-895-6660 by December 10th. All are welcome who wish to participate in the day’s event.

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