Solving Histories Mysteries of the Town of Guilford

Can you identify any of these students?
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With Halloween over, I now have sometime to get back to history. If you want to see what we did go to So now back to history.
It is truly amazing how the GHS is growing. We have over 150 members and they stretch, maybe soon, all the way to the UK! As folks contact the historian for information we also email the membership form and most are glad to apply. I’ll attach it here and with a double click to enlarge and a right click you can copy and print it out and send it with payment to GHS, Box 201, Guilford, NY 13780.
Other members and some guests are providing us with great photos of everything to hamlets, people pictures and Guilford schoolhouse photos. We were lucky to get 4 negatives scanned with the help of the Chenango County Education director. Were we surprised at the results. I believe we have district #10 Guilford Center.
Other than that take a look at Lathams Corners and the O&W Whistle stop station. It was dated about 1930 from the owner of the photo and it looks like it was abandoned a few years earlier. We have about three photos of this hamlet now. I would like to thank the contributors of which two are new members. It was amazing that we never knew there was a whistle stop in Lathams Corners and in the photo of the sleigh you see Helen Pearsall on the way to Mt. Upton School and in the background is the church. These are just a few of the finds that give us a great view of the past and the folks who lived then. We are so fortunate to have so many folks willing to share photos and family histories that help us solve some of “histories mysteries”. Thanks to all.

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