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Many are not aware that the Township of Guilford has a web page. If you go to , you can research the history of the towns hamlets. There may be some changes coming up with town elections and Tom hopes to add a little more history at the same time. I hope he includes our blog address. That would certainly increase our reach and perhaps increase our membership. Hope you enjoy the postcards from Guilford. This is just a small sample of the cards that are out there on the market. Many are like the photo of Mt. Upton showing scenes but, I thought you would enjoy the unusual ones that were scanned.

By the way, we love comments on this page. It’s this easy. After each posting there is a small written “comments” Double click here and a page will open up. You can leave your comments in the box provided and read others comments too! If you want, sign your name at the end of your comment. Then click anonymous and click publish. No need to sign up to the google, blogger etc. I’d like to hear what you think of our new way to communicate which is more than our twice a year get it as it happens and photos are in color.

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    Anonymous says:

    I have been reading but never blogged before. I really enjoy the tidbits from home being so far away in South Carolina. Keep the good work up.

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    Iam interested in the history of the house On Marble Rd next to Blackman's garage. Anne Prato lives there, Is there any history it? I heard it was a tavern, an home for women waiting for their husbands to return from war and other things. Where can I get information on this house?

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    My family purchased Dr Clark s old house and was wondering if anyone could tell us where the "spring" was located. If you can that would be great, if not oh well. Thanks for having this blog.

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