Guilford, NY History is Everywhere

Bumps Corners and Garage at the lake
These look like Halloween Photos (postcards)
BA Fleming with mask…joke
For Val!!

Pretty Suggestive Postcards?
Today we had visitors from Sidney, NY. They had a wonderful photo album just filled with photos and postcards of Guilford, NY. He allowed us to scan so many wonderful photos from that book and brought some other artifacts relating to schools. I think I mention Tom and I are working on a new book “The Schools of Guilford” which will highlight the one room school houses and then follow into the Central Schools of Guilford and Mt. Upton. We are still seeking information on Ives Settlement, Roots Corners, Trestle and New Virginia Schools. If any one has any information please contact us in the comment section of this blog. So, today I want to share some of the silly postcards and I’ll add a few of the reality ones for those blog followers who prefer them. A very Happy Halloween to All. …If you double click on the photos you can enlarge them.

Trick O’Treater

2006 Flood Photos of the Guilford Hamlets

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Many members contributed other photos of the areas in the hamlets of Guilford where they live. Most of the hamlet residents were not able to travel far from their home as many roads were closed. The Old Mill Restaurant shown first suffered a lot of damage. The remaining photos are along Rt. 8 river hamlets. The East Guilford waterfalls and the Rt. 8 bridge washout and the Guilford Town Hall in Guilford Center are also featured. Thanks to all who contibuted.

Guilford Flood of 2006-photo’s by Dave Hubbard

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Many of you wondered about the October 6th meeting presentation. Here is most of it in a slide show. It took me all day to figure out how to do it. Thanks to a phone call to San Diego and talking with my professional blogging daughter, Stefany, we got it for all of you to view!! So, take a trip into the past..short past and see how it was in 2006. If you see an open door, that is the Methodist Church and the water is flowing out the door!!

Guilford, NY Web Page


Many are not aware that the Township of Guilford has a web page. If you go to , you can research the history of the towns hamlets. There may be some changes coming up with town elections and Tom hopes to add a little more history at the same time. I hope he includes our blog address. That would certainly increase our reach and perhaps increase our membership. Hope you enjoy the postcards from Guilford. This is just a small sample of the cards that are out there on the market. Many are like the photo of Mt. Upton showing scenes but, I thought you would enjoy the unusual ones that were scanned.

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