GHS Goes Back to School..for a picnic

The Guilford Historical Society members got together for a picnic at the Roots Corners Schoolhouse on the 21st of September. It was a beautiful day for a picnic and the food was fantastic. Ken and Kathy did a great job of arranging the event and I am sure there were some others that helped. Many had not seen the improvements made and were delighted at the progress. We even had fellow members Jim and Linda visiting us all the way from Michigan! They were in the area researching ancestors of the Hutchinson family just in time for meeting with local members. We have a school house fund that if anyone wishes to contribute to can mail to the GHS address of Box 201, Guilford, NY 13785. Of course any hands available in the area are also appreciated. We still would love to hear from those that may have attended the school or have family that attended. The school operated until 1929. Any photos would also be appreciated of the children and teachers which we can scan and return to you. We know there were some Oxford children that went there as well as Guilford children as the school district was on the border of both townships.
It was a great day and many thanks to all for coming and celebrating the return of Root’s Corners School.

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    It was a perfect day for a picnic, and the food was excellent, (many thanks to our cooks!). We had a great turnout, with the schoolhouse as the center attraction. It’s come a long way over the summer. Excellent job!

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