Wading through the Wades

Eddy E. Wade

Eddy E. Wade at Bainbridge Feed Store

Calvin Wade Almon Hoag Ben Phetteplace

To complete a family history is a challenge and as most genealogists know it is never done. We try to collect as much family history of Guilford as we can to help others searching for the same lineage. A Mr. Scott has been interested in the Wade family and gave us an insight to one of the first Wade families in Guilford as well as a Ms. Shampang. This past week more Wade information came by way of a member and his son a neighbor. If you have Ezek or Isaac Wade in your family you may tie into Guilford. We have begun to think all families. at one time or other, tie in some place here form the information we have collected in the past 10 years!

We have also had some of the best information come from our secretary as she purchased some eBay albums of several Guilford families. Which I mentioned this before with the Cornell post. But, at the time we were still in the process of scanning and saving the information, and what a find it was! There were treasures of letters as well as many labeled photos and, of course those unknowns. This collection of photos included many other family links as the Hoags and Phetteplace family. More than once we have discovered “we are all related” somehow.

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    Anonymous says:

    Theodore Wade was Isaac’s brother and he came to Guilford in 1818 with his family. His son Lewis lived in Guilford many years and is buried in Sunset Cemetery with many family members.

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    Anonymous says:

    I too am researching the Wade family. It was wonderful to see a picture of my great-uncle, Eddie Wade. Does anyone have any information about the other pictures and how they all fit into the family? I’d love to see it!
    Patti Jo Bohanan
    Fairbanks, Alaska

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    Anonymous says:

    I’ve been researching the Padgett family of Chenango County for years, because my mother-in-law was a Padgett. A many-times-great aunt of hers, Hannah Padgett, married David Shapley in 1800, and their daughter Mary married Lewis Wade, mentioned in the 8/28/08 post above.

    I have a page on Hannah’s descendants here. Lewis and Mary and their children are at the end — but the information is pretty spotty and mostly doesn’t go past the 1920 census. I’d love to hear from any distant Wade cousins-in-law and get updates on the clan.

    (My email is torve-at-enter-dot-net.)

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    muziqcrazed85 says:

    I have been researching my family history for the past few weeks. My great great grandparents where Calvin T. Wade and Jessie Shampang. I have some information saying they were buried in the Gospel Hill cemetery. I would love to find out more information.

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