Fleshing Out the Bones

One of the GHS projects has been to read all of the stones of our 22 cemeteries (23 with Lady Upton the famous race horse). Once the data has been collected the plans were to publish a data base of each including some history of the cemetery and the people who rest there. We have collected over a thousand photographs of residents who once lived in each area. That includes all of the 8 hamlets of the Town of Guilford. We have included some of photos of people in each book. To date we have printed Guilford Center Cemetery-Guilford Center, Sunset Hill Cemetery-Guilford, Maplewood Cemetery-Mt. Upton, Yaleville Cemetery-Yaleville and the latest is Godfrey Corners Cemetery. The historical society offers these at $20.00 each-$15,00 for members. If interested you may send a check to GHS, Box 201, Guilford, NY 13870. Note: Maplewood Cemetery is currently being updated to include more genealogy information. All proceeds go to the Historical Society to help preserve the history of the Town of Guilford.

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