Ye Old Schoolhouse

GHS committee chair, Ken Carney, members Doug Todd, John Warner, Bruce and Joel Scott, Tom Gray and others have been diligently working to restore the Roots Corners School House-Dist #15. Herman (Jim) Carney has been financially supporting the project and has helped when in the area. The Carney brothers mother went to this school when a young girl. Other fund raising as a bake sale at our Summer Social earned some funds to also help with purchasing materials. Member Ken Ryan of Canal Street Hardware in Oxford also has donated materials. We have recently had an identification of a 1910 photo that being the Roots Corners School. Tania Benkovitz donated the school about 3 years ago and work had been slow up until now. Here are some photos. The 1910 photo, before work and during work. If you would like to donate funds, work or materials contact Ken Carney at We still are looking for photos of children that went to the school. The school was abandoned in 1929. So, there should be some.

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